Sunday, March 9, 2014

Categorization Bundle Activity # 4- English/Language Arts Vocabulary Memory Activity

Hey there. I hope everyone had a great weekend and remembered to spring forward due to the time change. As I think about the beginning of another work week tomorrow, I can't help but reflect on my lovely students with speech language disorders. Many of them also have co-occurring specific learning disability in the area of language. Additionally, several of them struggle with remembering academic content either because they did not understand it when it was taught or their brain struggles to effectively encode the information.  

I created a English/Language Arts Vocabulary Memory Activity that will give students practice with increasing their short term, working memory, long term memory, as well as their receptive academic vocabulary knowledge of common core standards related terms. Vocabulary and memory skills are essential for listening and reading comprehension as well as mastery of academic content. This is a great activity for use during speech-language therapy, Language Arts centers, or as a differentiated instruction activity. Speech-language pathologists or teachers may make multiple sets as needed for students to use during small group or independent practice. Here is a preview:

To play the memory game, students will take turns identifying matches of the English/Language Arts vocabulary according to the category and associated vocabulary listed. If playing in a group, the student gets an extra turn if he or she selects a matching pair. There are 21 matches and the player with the most matches is the winner of the game. I recommend dividing the word cards into 2 sets initially so that the students are striving to identify 10 or 11 matches.

This activity is available for purchase in my TPT store as part of my ELA Comprehensive Categorization Bundle or individually. Check out the links below to view items:

I appreciate your support. Have a great week!

Tamara Anderson, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist


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