I appreciate your feedback, questions, and comments. Fill out the information below and I will respond to your message. As a reminder, the resources provided on this personal blog are my ideas and not that of any employer or organization. The information provided should not be substituted for an evaluation and intervention from a licensed speech-language pathologist or education professional in your area.

I recommend that you discuss specific concerns with your child’s pediatrician who can give you a prescription to receive an evaluation by an ASHA certified SLP if needed. You may also address those concerns with your child’s teacher and administrator. Subsequently,  your child may need to receive interventions through the Response to Intervention (RTI) process at school.

Remember,  parents play a role in the communication,  language,  academic,  and social success of their children. The entire community may contribute to building successful lives of children and adolescents. I challenge you to collectively work with others to make your contribution a positive one.

Tamara Anderson
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