Sunday, January 24, 2016

Building Successful Lives Blog Celebration Raffle!

Hey everyone! I hope all of you on the east coast are keeping warm after this weekend's snow storm. Here in Atlanta, there was a light dusting of snow. With all the hype on the news, I decided to get some R & R on Saturday and stay indoors! It was great for a change! Now for the exciting news...

I am excited to tell you about my Building Successful Lives Blog Celebration Raffle. In honor of my 3rd Blogiversary, I will give away 3 products from my TPT store: Tamara Anderson plus an extra one in anticipation of a great year!  You will also have a chance to enter to win 12 other products generously donated from other SLPs. Many of them are also bloggers and they all sell their awesome products via Teachers Pay Teachers. I am honored that they are joining in on this celebration! I created 6 bundles and 6 lucky winners will receive FREE products in celebration of my 3rd year.

You have a chance to win a variety of articulation, speech fluency, receptive/expressive language, grammar, and social skills resources. They include informal assessments, games, no prep printables, and fun speech language therapy materials! 

The raffle starts late tonight and will last until Sunday! Make sure that you tell other speech-language pathologists about my celebration. I blog and make products to share my ideas and resources that I use in speech-language therapy with all of you! I hope that you find the information beneficial! Thanks again for your support of Building Successful Lives (BSL) Speech & Language.

Thanks to all the SLPs who sponsored this raffle! Here is a preview of the prizes!

Tamara Anderson a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, January 21, 2016

3rd Blogiversary Celebration!!!!

Wow! Today is a special day because three years ago I started my blogging journey writing this Building Successful Lives blog. At that time,  I was in my 9th year as an SLP and completing my Education Specialist degree in Curriculum & Instruction. 

I enjoy staying current with best practices in speech-language pathology and education. I am committed to building successful lives of children with special needs. I believe that communication, language, and literacy are the foundation for kids' success in school and in life. 

Over the past three years, I have truly enjoyed sharing my speech-language therapy activities, favorite children's books, instructional products, and information for parents too on this blog! I am grateful for all of you that have read my blog, used my FREEBIES in therapy, and purchased my products. I look forward to sharing more evidence based therapy techniques and engaging activities for speech fluency, language, and literacy. These are my favorite areas to address in therapy and the majority of my current caseload revolves around these necessary skills. 

Make sure that you subscribe to the blog so that you don't miss out on the latest Building Successful Lives scoop! There will be plenty of new content in 2016 and products in my TPT store as well. 

To celebrate my new personal milestone, I will have some FANTASTIC giveaways of speech-language therapy products from some great SLP bloggers and TPT sellers very SOON! I will also raffle off some BSL products too! I don't want you to miss out on a chance to WIN! 

Here's a picture of Building Successful Lives, LLC founder and I. My mother, Dr. Jacqueline Anderson, is definitely a big inspiration for my desire to enrich the lives of children and families. She is a retired school psychologist, but still works as a licensed clinical psychologist with children, adults, and families in Florida. 

I appreciate your support since 2013! Check back soon to enter my 3rd Year Blogiversary Celebration raffle! You can check out my 1st post from 1/21/13 here and last year's recap too! 

Tamara Anderson

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 2016 Sale-bration! 1/20th-1/21st

I have some great news to share! My Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) curriculum store will be on sale this Wednesday and Thursday! I am joining in on the fun for the Start Your Year Inspired TPT sale! You can save 28 % when you enter the sale code, START16, when you checkout. This is a great way to gain immediate access to some great speech-language therapy and English/Language Arts products. Don't miss out on purchasing my specially created resources if you haven't already!! Make sure that you follow my blog this week because it is also my 3 year Blogiversary and there will be other EXCITING announcements!!!!

It's always great to have new activities to use in speech-language therapy and time-saving progress monitoring tools too! As busy SLPs or educators, it's helpful when we have a variety of effective materials to improve the communication, language, and literacy skills of children! Thanks for reading my blog today. Until next time...
Visit my curriculum store here!

Tamara Anderson

Product Feature: The Mitten Speech-Language Activities

It's now the third week of 2016 and it's been a great, yet busy start of the year. The artic blast is in full effect here in Atlanta which makes for great winter story telling in speech-language therapy sessions. Here's a snapshot of a few winter themed selections that I'm using in my speech language room this year. 

The Mitten, by Jan Brett, is one of my favorite stories to read aloud at this time of year. I recently created a speech-language activity pack with 5 extension activities to accompany this book. My students enjoyed the book as well as comprehension and vocabulary activities last week. 

This speech-language activities pack is geared towards improving the language comprehension, vocabulary, and speech articulation skills of children in 2nd-5th grade. The activities should be used after an SLP read aloud of the text. Select the activities that best correspond with the learning needs of children on your speech-language therapy caseload. The Mitten has an "accelerated reading" level of approximately 3.9, but may be used with students in 2nd-5th grade. 

Today I used my articulation word list while a student played my Winter Land Game in a group session. The student had her own copy while I provided auditory bombardment with verbal model of correct pronunciation. She had plenty of speech articulation practice with mixed /r/ words. Here's a snapshot of a completed checklist. 

In this unit, you will receive:
1) WH questions worksheet with a field of 4 choices (text only)
2) 2 synonyms worksheets with 2 levels of terms and word bank
3) 2 antonyms worksheets with 2 levels of terms and word bank
4) 3 tier 2 vocabulary worksheets with words used in sentences; students write definitions based on context clues
5) 1 articulation worksheet with 5 wordlists for /s/, /sh/, /s/ blends, /r/, and /r/ blends

Here's a snapshot of a few more winter themed books that I love reading aloud to my students. 

You can read more about my favorite winter themed selections here. Make sure that you get the digital download for The Mitten Speech-Language Activities in my TPT curriculum store

Thanks for reading my blog today! 

Tamara Anderson