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There are so many acronyms in special education and it is important for parents of children and adolescents with special needs to understand what they mean. Learn how to name special education acronyms from A to Z.

What is ASD? Autism Spectrum Disorder

What is EBD? Emotional Behavioral Disorder

What is an IEP? Individualized Education Plan

What is IDEA? Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

What is MID? Mild Intellectual Disability

What is MOID? Moderate Intellectual Disability

What is an OT? occupational therapist

What is a PT? physical therapist

What is RTI? response to intervention

What is SID/PID? severe/profound intellectual disability

What is SLD? specific learning disability

What is SLI? speech language impairment

What is a SLP? speech-language pathologist

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